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A Business Group Coaching Program + Mastermind for 2021

A weekly group experience led by high-level businesses coach Rachel O'Rourke - Helping you set up your business to work for you in 2021.  Join anytime and get access to all previous live call recordings and live future calls.

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If you build it, they will come.

I get it. You just want to make a great living helping people with your service.  But in order to get clients you have to figure out this whole "online business" thing. Everyone seems to have advice for getting new clients, but after a lot of wasted time (and money) nothing seems to be working...and hiring a business coach seems way out of your budget.  This can make you feel like you might be better off sticking with the dreaded J.O.B. that you just want to escape from. Do not fall into this trap!  I know that running an online business can feel overwhelming, but I believe that everyone deserves support and guidance.  This is why I created an affordable program that not only teaches you a step-by-step blueprint to building an organized and profitable business - but offers guidance + support along the way.  We kick things off in February, meet every Monday, and will build your business blueprint together in real time.


Get Organized and Say Goodbye to Overwhelm

Entrepreneurs can waste a TON of time not knowing where to put their focus in their business. By building out your blueprint, you will feel confident knowing that you are putting your focus where it matters most each day in your business.


Become Well Known in Your Industry

This framework not only organizes your business behind-the-scenes, but also creates cohesion in your offerings and dials in your messaging so you communicate clearly.  The result?  People know exactly what it is that you do and feel confident hiring & referring you. 

Create a Consistent Flow of Income

Simply put: You will learn how to set your business up to become an automated cash making machine.  Learn how to create digital offers, a signature group program (that sells out) and a waitlist of clients that are dying to work with you.


"Rachel has helped me accomplish more in past 3 months than I have been able to do in the last year. Not only has she helped me create and Implement a business blueprint that I am in love with, she has helped me shift my mindset."

Ashley Lyon
Bloom Mama

About Your Guide

Hey, I'm Rachel! I have been a director of marketing/CMO for several multi-million dollar companies and a business coach + consultant for coaches, healers, holistic service providers and e-commerce entrepreneurs. The biggest difference between these groups?  The large companies have teams of experts working on every aspect of running the business and the solopreneurs struggle to do everything on their own.  Here's the thing though - You don't have to do it alone.  Don't be one of the many who give up on their dream because they are overwhelmed with the business of running a business.

"Working with Rachel is the most supported and held I have felt in my business. I am getting things in place I've been wanting to do for years. It's so freaking exciting and rewarding!  THANK YOU RACHEL!  For being such a kick-ass superstar business coach and overall amazing human.  I"m so grateful!"

- Erin Vanderkooy, Erin Vanderkooy Wellness


Every other week we will meet via zoom and dive deep into one section of the business blueprint. These are not pre-recorded modules, but LIVE interactive classes that will range from 1-2 hours. All lessons will be recorded for later viewing.


You will be building out your blueprint in real time using weekly action items, prompts, and templates that you can customize and make your own. Not willing to implement what you're learning?  Don't waste your time or money on this program.


Each Month Rachel will be holding open "office hours" on zoom to answer questions and offer live group business coaching.  Additionally, the last week of each month we will be holding small group masterminds so you can share and get advice from your peers in the program.

"Before working with Rachel I felt scattered in my business. I had all of these ideas I wanted to implement, but NO direction on where I should put my focus first.  She's not only helped me get organized, she has also helped me build an entire blueprint business website using Kajabi. I am no longer trading my time for money, but have multiple streams of income coming in! I call her "My million dollar coach" because she's helped me get well on my way to being a million dollar entrepreneur"

Mary Lou Rodriguez
Life Guidance Hypnosis

What we'll be working on 

  • Build Out Your BluePrint Map
  • Clarifying Your Niche
  • Messaging Workshop
  • Clear Communication
  • The Ultimate Website Homepage Layout
  • Creating Your High-End Offer
  • Build a sales page that sells
  • Social Media + PR
  • List Building that works
  • Email Marketing: Newsletters
  • Email Marketing: Nurture Campaigns
  • Email Marketing: Sales Campaigns
  • Sequencing and Automation
  • Creating High-Converting Opt-ins
  • Low-Cost Digital Offer Creations
  • Create Your Signature Group Program
  • The Low-Stress Launch
  • Affiliates and Partnerships
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Getting Booked: Podcast Interviews 
  • Getting Booked: Public Speaking
  • Time Management
  • + More


All Classes, Coaching, and Meetings will be facilitated in Zoom Mondays at 5pm PST.  See * for any changes in regular dates/times.  All meetings will be recorded and available to students within 24 hours.



Class by Rachel O'Rourke: 2/8 at 5pm PST

TOPIC: Messaging + Niche Part 1

Office Hours + Live Coaching by Rachel O'Rourke at 2/15 4:30pm PST

*Class by Rachel O'Rourke: 2/23 at 4:30pm PST

TOPIC: Messaging + Niche Part 2

Small Group Mastermind: 3/1 at 5pm PST


Class by Rachel O'Rourke: 3/8 at 5pm PST

TOPIC: Outline Your Offers

*Will not be meeting the week of 3/14 - Rachel will be on a beach in Cabo.

Office Hours + Live Coaching by Rachel O'Rourke: 3/22 at 5pm PST

Class by Rachel O'Rourke: 3/29 5pm PST

TOPIC: Website Wireframe

*Small Group Mastermind: 3/30 5pm PST


Class by Rachel O'Rourke: 4/5 at 5pm PST

TOPIC: The perfect opt-in + nurture campaign

Office Hours + Live Coaching by Rachel O'Rourke: 4/12 at 5pm PST

Class by Rachel O'Rourke: 4/19 at 5pm PST

TOPIC: Creating the Low Cost Offer

Small Group Mastermind: 4/26 at 5pm PST


Class by Rachel O'Rourke: 5/3 at 5pm PST

TOPIC: Fill the funnel - Social Media

Office Hours + Live Coaching by Rachel O'Rourke: 5/10 at 5pm PST

Class by Rachel O'Rourke: 5/17 at 5pm PST

TOPIC: Fill the funnel - PR and Interviews

Small Group Mastermind: 5/25 at 5pm PST




Class by Rachel O'Rourke: 6/7 at 5pm PST

TOPIC: Fill the funnel - Online Advertising

Office Hours + Live Coaching by Rachel O'Rourke: 6/14 at 5pm PST

Class by Rachel O'Rourke: 6/21 at 5pm PST

TOPIC: Email Marketing: The "Newsletter"

Small Group Mastermind: 6/28 at 5pm PST


Class by Rachel O'Rourke: 7/5 at 5pm PST

TOPIC: Time Management 

*We will not be meeting the week of 7/11 Rachel will be on an adventure road trip with a client.

Office Hours + Live Coaching by Rachel O'Rourke: 7/19 at 5pm PST

Class by Rachel O'Rourke: 7/26 at 5pm PST

TOPIC: The Signature Group Program Pipeline

Small Group Mastermind: 8/2 at 5pm PST



Class by Rachel O'Rourke: 8/9 at 5pm PST

TOPIC: Create Your Signature Program: Pricing, Format, Sales Page

Office Hours + Live Coaching by Rachel O'Rourke: 8/16 at 5pm PST

Class by Rachel O'Rourke: 8/23 at 5pm PST

TOPIC: Signature Sales Opt-in 

Small Group Mastermind: 8/30 at 5pm PST


Class by Rachel O'Rourke: 9/6 at 5pm PST

TOPIC: Signature Sales Sequencing

Office Hours + Live Coaching by Rachel O'Rourke: 8/13 at 5pm PST

Class by Rachel O'Rourke: 8/20 at 5pm PST

TOPIC: Fill the funnel - Warm Ads + Affiliate Partnerships

Small Group Mastermind: 8/27 at 5pm PST

October thru December - Launch Support!

Classes Complete!

Office Hours + Live Coaching by Rachel O'Rourke:  Every other Monday starting 10/4

Small Group Masterminds:  Every other Monday starting 10/11

Final Group Meeting: December 27th, 2021


1: Sign Up

I offer 3 different payment tiers plus a 30 day money-back guarantee.  Don't find it valuable? Cancel in the first month for a FULL refund.

2: Listen + Learn

Join the live classes or catch the replays.  Every minute will be worth your time, energy, and investment.

3: Put it into ACTION

Follow my exact prompts each month and watch your business blueprint come to life!

6 Quick Payments


Total Cost: $2197

  • Pay it off fast.
  • Access to all lessons through 12/31/21
  • Discounts on private sessions (for additional support if needed).



Lowest Overall Cost

  • This is the lowest price point this program will ever be.
  • Access to all lessons through 12/31/21
  • Bonus 60 minute Private Coaching Session with Rachel when you pay-in-full (Value $297)

12 Low Payments


Total Cost: $2297

  • Lowest Monthly Payments
  • Access to all lessons through 12/31/21
  • Discounts on private sessions (for additional support if needed).