Messaging Makeover Intensive 

A full day workshop to teach you all you need to know about crafting messaging that attracts customers to your brand.  We'll also put this knowledge into action in real time and wireframe a sales page for one of your offers!


Haley Smith

The messaging workshop with Rachel changed how I approached my business within a matter of hours. Right away I understood where my short comings of the past were stemming from and began putting simple practices to use that instantly resulted in more curiosity and engagement. I highly recommend every business owner go through this process.

Why this matters.

The world of online marketing can feel like a zoo.  Sales funnels, ads, social media, influencer's enough to make any sane business owner scratch their head and wonder "Where should I be putting my focus first?".  Here's your answer:

Your Messaging.

As a business coach, I have seen dozens upon dozens of well-meaning entrepreneurs waste countless dollars + hours crafting elaborate sales funnels to get people to buy their products and services...only to have them bounce off their website because their messaging wasn't clear.

Clear Messaging is VITAL to the success of your business. Join me in this one-day workshop intensive to learn the process of crafting your own core messaging that can be used to attract customers to your brand...and because I know that knowledge isn't power without action - we'll be wire framing your sales page together in real time.



Choose between the virtual (May 5th) or in-person (May 19th) class.  Sign up early to guarantee your spot.  Space is limited.


Learn the process for creating clear messaging that can be used for all areas of communication in your business. 


During the workshop, we will take your core messaging and use it to wireframe an entire sales page. Use for one of your current offers or for an upcoming launch!

Your business is only as strong as your messaging. 

In today's world where people are slammed with more content in a single day than ever before - how do you stand out above the crowd?  How can you reach the people that need what you have to offer?  By using compelling and clear words in all your communication. It sounds simple - yet it's the area most business owners struggle with.


Kama Hagar

"This messaging workshop was one of the most insightful and foundational things I've ever learned. This sticks with me for life. It has completely shifted the way I'll brand and do business for the better and simplified my life!  Why didn't I learn this in business school?  This is the bones."

Melissa Pierce

"I went through this messaging workshop with Rachel when I first decided to launch my new business and I'm so glad that I did!  It not only helped me create messaging for my website, but also helped me get clear on who it is exactly that I am serving with my business and why I'm the best person for the job."


What a business with clear messaging looks like:

  • People buy your products + sign up for your services
  • You spend less time spinning your wheels and instead enjoy more time doing things that you love outside of your business
  • You become known for something
  • Word of mouth and new business from referrals explodes
  • Social media messaging becomes easier to write
  • Creating content for a sales page gets done in hours instead of days





  • May 5th, 2021
  • 9am - 5pm PDT 
  • MAX 20 participants 
  • Must attend LIVE (No recording will be available)




  • May 19th, 2021
  • 9am - 5pm PDT
  • Lunch Provided
  • MAX 6 participants
  • Masks Required (when not eating/drinking)

Lyn T


"Learning how to refine my messaging through working with Rachel has been a total gamechanger! I've had lots of lightbulb aha moments about the central theme that unifies all the different things I work with clients on and gained clarity on ways that in the past I have confused potential clients. 
The process that Rachel guides you through is SO incredibly valuable and makes writing website copy and other messaging so much easier and clearer. I HIGHLY recommend learning messaging with Rachel as it will be something you can use for your business forever!